Whats New in Family Browser R3?

So what’s new in the Family Browser R3 that was released on the 17th February 2020?  Well to put it simply – allot!

The feedback we had from our customers was that Family Browser was fantastic for the end users finding and inserting content into their projects, (which is the most important aspect of any content browser), but it could do with some tweaking on the initial setup and management of the content library, along with some changes to simplify subscription and licensing.  So that is where we focused our attention in this release.

Below is a list of changes.  Over the next few weeks we will expand on them and explain the change and why we did it.

  • Content library database is now hosted in the cloud.  This does not mean your content is, (although it could be).  We leave that choice up to you.
  • New licencing model.  All licenses are now floating.
  • New administration dashboard accessed through the web.
  • New Family Browser builder to create and organize your library in minutes.
  • New search function, with the ability to set filters for libraries, current tab, family Types, tags, categories and Revit version.
  • Enhanced Live tabs and Live Sub folders.
  • New notification system.
  • User Interface enhancements, including ability to set icon size and sub folder size, set tab color and tab max size.

Family Browser R3 has a 21 day, 5 user Trial License available for testing.  For existing Family Browser customers with a current active subscription the upgrade to Family Browser R3 is 100% FREE and part of your existing subscription.

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