Family Browser is the most advanced drag and drop Revit content manager on the market.  Setup your entire content library and deployed to your users in minutes.

Top 10 Features

  • Drag/Drop integrated palette makes finding and inserting content into Autodesk Revit a breeze for your users.
  • Simple straight forward setup allows you to deploy your company content to your users within minutes.
  • Easily share your company content library to all users over multiple offices and locations.
  • Powerfull search function that provides instant feedback on search results.
  • You choose where your content resides. It can be local, LAN or any cloud based file location. Family Browser supports Dropbox, Onedrive, Microsoft Exchange and BIM360 out of the box.
  • Real-time directory/content update. Remove or add a file in a folder from Windows Explorer and this is reflected instantly in the Family Browser UI to ALL users.
  • Abitilty to add RFA families, Revit system families, schedules, legends and drafting views, PDF, MP4 & DOCX files to the content library.
  • Web based administration portal for settings and user/database management.
  • Realtime web based analytics to see how your users are using Family Browser and what the most used content is.
  • Flexible licensing and subscription allows you to choose how many licenses you require and what expiration date. All licenses are Floating meaning you have the flexibility to install on as many computers as you wish, but can only run as many concurrent sessions of Revit that your subscription allows. The choice is totally yours.


"The Kiwicodes Family Browser is a sure fire way of gaining efficiency for your users, as well us ensuring they are using the correct content. We recommend this to all our Autodesk customers since it is built for user efficiency first-and-foremost, blowing the competition out of the water."
"I have been a Kiwi Codes user for almost a decade now. I have extensively tested and broke their tools and they are quick to get to the bottom of the issue push out a fix. The setup of the new Family Browser is fast and easy. If you are looking for a superb Content Management Solution at a great price, than Family Browser is what you are looking for. I highly recommend for anyone who uses Revit."
Jason Peckovitch
BIM Manager, MDP Engineering Group
"Kiwicodes Family Browser is the best timesaving Autodesk Revit add-on program available. After spending a short period of time to add our custom content into the Family Browser palettes we are able to save countless hours having it available at our fingertips. I highly recommend this add-on program to any Autodesk Revit user!!! You're wasting your time NOT using this product!!! "
"Really easy to use, building a new library and creating a new database is seamless."